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More incredible speakers announced for the #StartingGood Digital Summit!!

There’s just 3 days to go until the #StartingGood Digital Summit and the list of speakers joining us just got even better! Don’t miss out on a ticket to this exciting online event!

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David Hood, Founder of Doing Something Good 


David Hood has been working with not-for-profits and community organisations for over 15 years - including more than three years at Greenpeace Australia Pacific where he worked in Communications and Public Engagement and was the Campaign Project Leader on the successful viral campaign against Nestlé for deforestation. A graduate of the School for Social Entrepreneurs program in 2011, David was named Melbourne Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 and one of The Age’s Melbourne Magazine Top 100 most “passionate, powerful and provocative personalities of 2012.” 

Dan Shannon, Senior Strategy Director at 


A lifelong activist, Dan left the world of single-issue advocacy to pursue his passion for the entire spectrum of progressive issues, and to use his experience with online organizing and movement-building to help raise awareness about—and win victories for—a wide range of social causes.

As Director of Youth Outreach and Campaigns for People for the Ethical Treatment of animals, Dan was responsible for overseeing peta2—PETA’s youth division—a movement which grew to more than a million members under his leadership. He also spearheaded numerous successful campaigns to get major corporations to adopt groundbreaking animal welfare guidelines, and served as a national media spokesperson. As Senior Strategy Director and head of the NGO practice, Dan oversees Purpose’s partnerships with issue-driven advocacy non-profits. 

Sandy Blackburn-Wright, Managing Director of Social Outcomes 


Sandy Blackburn-Wright is the Founder of Social Outcomes. Working in social innovation and impact investing in Australia, with over a decade of experience in corporate Australia, Sandy spent 15 years working for social change in South Africa before returning to Australia in 2003.

Formerly, Sandy has worked as the Head of Social Innovation for Westpac and co-founded Impact Investing Australia. She was part of the Westpac team that tendered for and won Australia’s first Social Impact Bond pilot and is a member of the Advisory Board to the International Social Impact Investment Taskforce.

Sandy is the author of many publications, including the best-selling Holding up the Sky, an autobiography of her time in South Africa working in community development in the townships under Apartheid, and after the 1994 elections. 

Donnie Maclurcan, Executive Director at the Post Growth Institute


Dr Donnie Maclurcan is a passionate advocate for all things not-for-profit. Using an asset-based approach, Donnie has assisted over 200 projects and organisations to scale their impacts with extremely limited budgets. His experience draws on working as a social entrepreneur, having co-founded Project Australia, the Post Growth Institute, Free Money Day, the (en)Rich List and Hub Ashland. He is currently co-writing two books: How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-For-Profit World by 2050; and The Not-for-Profit Handbook: How to Start, Scale and Sustain Community Projects in an Ever-Changing World.

Roshan Paul, President of Amani Institute


Roshan Paul has spent his life questioning the status quo, and has built a career around connecting global citizens to solve social problems across boundaries. He co-founded the Amani Institute, a new model of higher education that develops talent to solve 21st-century problems, with these values in mind. The seeds of Amani were cultivated while Roshan worked at Ashoka for more than seven years, where he designed and launched five new programs and managed two other global projects. These included Ashoka’s Peace Initiative (supporting social entrepreneurs in conflict zones) and the Globalizer program (helping social entrepreneurs scale up their innovations).

Roshan has studied and worked on every continent (aside from Antarctica, where he hopes to travel next). A self-declared “cricket junkie”, he also loves good writing and fusing cuisines together in unexpected ways.

Shannon Carruth, Manager of Sustainability & Community Impact at ING DIRECT 


Shannon Carruth is the Manager of Sustainability & Community Impact at ING DIRECT including having responsibility for the ING Bank Foundation. She has almost 20 years experience in community impact across non-profit, government and corporate sector. Shannon is currently responsible for embedding sustainability principles into the business and co-designing innovative partnerships to empower Australians to get ahead and create shared value.

Nathaniel James, Founder of Philanthrogeek 


Nathaniel James founded Philanthrogeek to help grant makers and social impact organizations that are ready to invest in authentic engagement in order to become smarter, more agile, and leverage networks of resources and support in a rapidly changing world.

Michelle Williams, CEO & Founder of IdeaAction


Michelle is the Founder & CEO of Ideaction, the Movement Organiser of the Participatory Revolution and a Vibewire Board Member.

Michelle is a highly skilled strategic partnership, communications, cultural change and innovation professional with over 10 years experience in the field.

For fun Michelle loves Sydney’s creative life. Michelle loves yoga, meditation, music, and maybe a combination of all 3.

Also joining us will be….
• Paul Smith, Marketing Manager of Australian Ethical Investment and chair of the Jane Goodall Foundation
• Cameron Burgess, speaker, strategist & social agent, Founder of uncompromise
• Michael ‘Luni’ Libes, Founder and Managing Director of

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Using Facebook apps to boost your campaigns!

Watch this awesome video from John Haydon on using Facebook apps to boost your campaign results. John is the founder of Inbound Zombie, a Cambridge based social media strategy firm and will be hosting a talk at the upcoming #StartingGood Digital Summit.

To hear more from John Haydon and other amazing speakers, head over to

Phare - a circus with a purpose in Siem Reap.

Siem Reap is known for its fascinating history, beautiful people and unforgettable temple ruins. I had the personal privilege of visiting in 2009 and was taken aback by the raw beauty of Angkor Wat and even more by the local people. Cambodians generally struck me as being incredibly hospitable, friendly and hopeful despite a very difficult past. Phare, one of our campaigners on SSG, encapsulates their positive approach to life perfectly. 

Phare is a social enterprise based in Siem Reap that puts up top-class circus performances on a daily basis. Its passionate circus crew consists of local youth who have been trained and developed in-house and can now showcase their talents to the world. Phare has already achieved stardom in some regard, astonishing tourists with a stunning combination of traditional Cambodian flair and modern techniques and receiving recognition as the no. 1 activity in Siem Reap on Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. Phare has made its local community proud and enabled many of its youths to make a living and bring joy to their families in the process.


Unfortunately, Phare is now at risk of losing its success. Phare currently conducts its activities on rented property, which is problematic. You see, rent is increasing dramatically, terms are becoming difficult and rent contracts are easily broken. This creates unnecessary uncertainty for Phare and risks its financial sustainability and ability to continue to employ its circus crew.

Phare has boldly decided that the best solution lies in purchasing a permanent building as its new home. This is a huge challenge given the high prices of local real estate and Phare’s business as a social enterprise. However, they have partnered with SSG to see this dream come true, and aim to raise $200,000 this month to realise their vision. 

I wish them all the best! Long may the circus continue - anything less would be an absolute pity.

We have the opportunity to play a part on their journey to success as part of SSG’s global community. Click here to check out their campaign page and help start some good! 

Stacey Monk’s inspirational story

Watch Stacey Monk, founder of Epic Change share her story on how she harnessed the power of social media to make a difference.

For more from Stacey on change making and the power of social media, grab your ticket to the #StartingGood Digital Summit here.

Beth Kanter on Individual Social Responsibility

Check out this amazing TEDx talk by Beth Kanter on Individual Social Responsibility:

To hear more from Beth Kanter grab a ticket and see her live at the #StartingGood Digital Summit. (

See Liam Barrington-Bush at the #StartingGood Digital Summit.

Want to learn more about crowdfunding, social media and online marketing? Check out Liam Barrington-Bush and other thought leaders at the #StartingGood Digital Summit.
Tickets available here

A Campaign Kick-Off


Crowdfunding a campaign is not a matter of putting up your page and crossing your fingers, it needs to be integrated and strategic.

Throughout the campaign you build your story, increase your engagement and try to get the attention of small and big donors to help you reach your tipping point. 

One way to kick off a campaign is to have a launch with family and friends and your wider networks.  Word-of-mouth is the best way to spread the news of your project.

I am following a project that has just been launched in my home town of Adelaide and for this project’s launch - a family member volunteered their home, donations of food and wine, music were on offer. The project lead and team members were all present. Past projects screened and a few words made it very clear the project was now open for business. 

Integrated campaign on Facebook and other social media platforms like twitter, instagram, vimeo are now being added.  A media conference was held in a funky city coffee shop and invites distributed via contacts in the field and twitter.  

This project is called 1000 Stories of Hope and has an ambitious target $30,000 in 30 days.  The first story planned to be documented is Pollinate Energy an inspiring social enterprise that aims to improve the lives of India’s urban poor by giving them access to sustainable products, and empowering local entrepreneurs. 

You can be a messenger of hope for a small contribution ($10) or a mega champion with a platinum sponsorship ($5000).  

Keeping up with the social media, building the profile in mainstream media and networking, contact follow up and old-fashioned promotion and marketing are all parts of any crowdfunding campaign too.  And don’t forget the ask … ask if people will chip in and give a hand. 

Good luck with crowdfunding your campaign! 

PS if you want to support 1000 stories of hope click here and help them reach their target.

It was really difficult to get to this part where I could contact you. I found it once but once I logged into Tumblr it was not available again. (Just a heads up). I am very interested in participatingin the Digital Conference, but wish to know how the on demand recordings work. Will I be able to download them and not just stream them as a paid participant. I live in a remote part of Peru and have only a cellphone chip and low bandwidth. — Asked by teachateacher

Hi there!
Yes Tumblr is a bit funny for contacting people! You will be able to download the videos after the conference.

Hope that helps,


Announcing the next round of guests for the #StartingGood Summit

The #StartingGood Digital Summit is an online event exploring the tactics, tools and techniques entrepreneurs are using to create change today. Themes include the rise of social enterprise, how changemakers are using social media to create impact and the new ways change is being funded today. Throughout the event you will hear inspiring stories from successful social entrepreneurs and activists.

The first group of speakers announced included such luminaries as Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody and Cognitive Surplus, non-profit social media guru Beth Kanter and online indigenous activist Luke Pearson/@IndigenousX.

Now we’re thrilled to be able to announce a second group of incredible speakers. They include online activists using technology to oppose repressive regimes, experts in empowering average citizens to take action and win campaigns, not one but two authors of books about crowdfunding and the founder of an app designed to catalyse local food sharing and production. 

#StartingGood Digital Summit Speakers:

Sara Haghdoosti, founder and CEO,


Sara Haghdoosti is an Iranian-Australian activist. Most recently, she is the founder and executive director of Berim.Org, a global action movement that seeks to empower Iranian social entrepreneurs and changemakers.

Haghdoosti has worked as a strategist with the Citizens Engagement Lab in New York, the head of community campaigns for GetUp, the Australian version of, and as a recruitment director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Simon Sheikh, co-founder and CEO, Future Super, former CEO, GetUp!


Simon understands the power of technology to create change, after 5 years as National Director at GetUp!. Under Simon’s leadership the organisation’s membership tripled to 640,000 people. Previously he worked as a Financial Analyst at NSW Treasury. Simon sat on the inaugural board of the now 90,000 strong Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Simon has consulted for organisations as diverse as Bendigo Bank, the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, major unions and other community groups. 

Karen Skinner, General Manager, Australia


Karen has led and advised on union, political and environmental campaigns in Australia and New Zealand for the last 15 years – including work at the ACTU Organising Centre in 2009 and coordinating the Say Yes Australia carbon price campaign in 2011. Karen leads the Australian team who support individuals and organisations across the country to win people powered campaigns. 

Stacey Monk, founder, Epic Hope


Stacey Monk is the CEO & co-founder of Epic Change, a nonprofit that amplifies the voices and impact of grassroots changemakers. Epic Change has rallied thousands of people across the globe to invest nearly $500,000 in social change projects in Tanzania, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nepal and the US. , Epic Change has been featured at the top of Mashable’s lists of Nine Social Good Campaigns Worth Recognizing and Four Innovative Social Good Campaigns for Education, as well as in The Huffington Post, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and more. Stacey has appeared on Mashable’s list of 10 Essential Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter.

Hildy Gottlieb, co-founder, Creating The Future, author, The Pollyanna Principles

Hildy Gottlieb, co-founder of Creating the Future, has been called “the most innovative and practical thinker in our sector.” Her book, The Pollyanna Principles: Reinventing “Nonprofit Organizations” to Create the Future of Our World, details her groundbreaking approach to aiming the work of the Community Benefit Sector at its highest potential - creating the future of our world. 

Alistair Martin, co-founder, RipeNearMe 

Alistair Martin is the cofounder of RipeNear.Me, a platform that is revolutionizing the local food movement by allowing users to share, sell and swap produce that they grow. RipeNearMe recently raised over $25,000 through crowdfunding on StartSomeGood.

Also joining us will be:

  • Devin Thorpe, Forbes columnists and author of Crowdfunding for Social Good
  • Anna Maguire, author of Crowdfund It!
  • Tom Dawkins, co-founder and CEO, StartSomeGood
  • Donnie Maclurcan, founder Project Australia and co-founder The Post Growth Institute, author The Not For Profit Handbook.
  • Alistair Martin, cofounder of RipeNearMe, successful crowdfunder. 

Amazing, right? We can hardly believe it ourselves, and we have some more announcements coming next week!

The Summit takes place on October 20 in North America/UK and October 21 in Australia/NZ/Asia.

See the full agenda here.

We’d love to have you join us for this unique event. With 10 hours of live content (available afterwards on-demand to all ticket-holders) there’s a lot to learn and gain from this event. Get your ticket now!