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Uncharted Play produces products that utilize the power of play to solve important global issues including energy access, health, and climate change. The SOCCKET is Uncharted Play’s first product, a soccer ball that acts as an eco-friendly portable generator. Send the SOCCKET soccer ball to Brazil has a $2,960 tipping point that will cover the costs associated with production of the balls and implementing a play program for children in Brazil.

MOMTraders is a platform where mothers can go to trade their unused items for things they need. The goal is to have a local MOMTrader network for each county in the United States where MOMs can support and provide for each other by trading their unwanted items. The campaign’s tipping point will cover the costs of programming a basic beta site with over 3,000 functioning local trader networks. 

Kinyei has two socially responsible businesses that promote social entrepreneurship—a bike tour and a training cafe, both of which work together empower the youth of Cambodia to work together to improve themselves and their communities. The bike tour stimulates the local Cambodian economy while also providing insight for tourists into what life is like in rural Cambodia. The cafe provides a space where community members and travelers can come to share ideas, news, and culture. The campaign, Coffee Cycling and Community, is raising funds to train Kinyei staff to manage these two businesses so they become locally driven and run. Kinyei needs $12,000 to implement an 18-month management training program for four high potential Cambodians. 

The North Korean Human Rights Film Festival (NKHRFF) has a goal to share the stories of human oppression that are occurring in North Korea through the medium of film. The only way to ignite action is through awareness. The film festival will help raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in North Korea. Help Launch the North Korean Human Rights Film Festival. This campaign’s tipping point will help launch the film festival, covering the costs that go into securing a venue and rights for film distribution. 

Real Good Food is a trading, sales, and organizational platform for cooks at home and local food artisans to discover and celebrate the good food in their own local economies. It is developing a user interface for users to post and search for local food, join/create groups, and host/participate in local food events. When people can purchase foods from local artisans that they know and trust, there is full transparency in the origin of the food and, hence, the system will encourage healthier people and healthier local economies. The campaign will help Real Good Food build a working platform for anyone’s use. 


Social entrepreneurs, have these new campaigns inspired you to start your own good? Do you have a social enterprise, a non-profit, or an amazing idea that needs some momentum to take off? Visit our site to find out how to start your own campaign today. Still have questions? We have answers—check out our FAQ section.

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