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Let’s Celebrate! Recently Tipped Campaigns…

Earthworker is a practical, innovative approach to begin constructing a new economic system that respects the environment and its workers. Earthworker aims to establish Eureka’s Future, Australia’s first green workers’ co-operative to manufacture solar hot water units. By establishing Australia’s first workers’ co-operative for sustainable manufacturing, Earthworker can produce the first run of solar hot water units under license now that it has raised its $9895 tipping point goal. Thanks to all you amazing supporters, we’ve given Earthworker a License to Co-operate.

The FIGMENT Geelong Festival is an outdoor interactive arts event and social experiment in Johnstone Park, Geelong Victoria. Miss Dinkles would like to attend and spread the word through interactive reading about the energetic balance between human and environment. She wishes to perform an interactive reading of “Celeste, Nick and the Magical Tea Party” in order to teach the philosophy of collective energy and the concept that many people thinking the same thing at the same time can change the environment. Now that Miss Dinkles has reached her $175 tipping point goal, her travel expenses will be covered and she can purchase props. Her total funding goal will allow her to purchase Tea Party props like tea samples to give away, a storytelling chair, and a coffee table.

Market Forces helps Australians drive change by keeping their money out of projects that harm the environment. Market Forces is working with other Australian NGOs and grassroots groups to have fossil fuel subsidies phased out. They are using the Freedom of Information laws to uncover the truth about which companies are receiving fossil fuel subsidies, how they can be phased out, and how the environment will benefit. Market Forces has successfully raised $700 to put a deposit down on this information, which will give the government 30 days to start releasing it. Once the information is released to Market Forces, they will share it with the public through media.

More like people wants social change organizations to be more like people.More like people is publishing the book Anarchists in the Boardroom, a book that inspires new ways of organizing for good. It teaches how to organize so we can change the world. Its aim is to be the start of a global conversation about finding ways to organize ourselves for social change that manifest the values we are trying to create in the world. With a tipping point goal of $4,050 already accomplished, there will be, at the very least, a limited print run of 300 and a more limited budget for promotions, web development, and editing time. The total funding goal of $7,700 will expand the budget to allow for 500 printed copies and more promotions, web development, and editing.

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