The StartSomeGood giving guide

I know, I know, it’s a tad early to be talking about the holiday season, but if you want your gifts to change the world, there’s a little preparation involved.

StartSomeGood project rewards are the ultimate gift for people who care about the future of the planet, and for people who like cool stuff - that just about covers everybody, right?

By buying your friends and family one of the gifts below, you’ll sidestep the usual meaningless commercialism and help an incredible project get off the ground.

We’ve compiled a list of rewards on offer from current crowdfunding campaigns and feel-good products from previous StartSomeGood success stories. We’ll update this page weekly as more projects launch. Remember, get in early to allow for campaign length and shipping times. Then sit back and relax while everyone else sweats it out in the last-minute mall stampede, knowing you’ve helped passionate changemakers create a better future for their communities.

Live campaign rewards

For the art lovers

The illustrations in this calendar from Friends of Bangladesh are so gorgeous you’ll want to frame them as each month goes by. Add some beauty (and a boost to climate justice) to your 2014.

Buy now in time for Christmas

For the beautiful (inside and out)

Greenola Style is a young, entrepreneurial fashion brand aiming to create lasting opportunity for women artists in Bolivia through ethical fashion. They have a whole range of funky jewelry and more to choose from. Change lives and fill those stockings!

Buy now in time for Christmas

For the chefs

It’s in your interests to buy this book for the best cooks you know. If you’ve never tasted authentic Cambodian recipes, you’re in for a treat. Offerings is gorgeously styled and worthy of pride of place on the coffee table or in the kitchen.

Better still, you’ll make it possible for Cambodian kids to attend school, creating new hope for a generation whose country has suffered so much.

Buy now in time for Christmas

For the music lovers

If you’re only familiar with Somebody That I Used to Know you need to hear more from Gotye. Wally de Backer’s second album was described by Pitchfork as “full of dark pop, produced with an open clarity that separates the numerous sounds and consequently comes off as huge and sweeping…Like Drawing Blood is memorable and captivating.”

By purchasing Like Drawing Blood or another album reward for the music lovers among your friends and family, you’ll be helping the New Internationalist promote diversity in media and promote a better informed, more engaged society.

Buy now in time for Christmas

Gifts from StartSomeGood success stories

For the fighters

SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer is a social enterprise supporting cancer research and providing tangible support to people with cancer, with the help of a pair of feisty, crazy-haired monkeys.

Nomo and Phoenix make the perfect gift for those whose lives have been touched by cancer, or just for anyone who wants a touch of cuddly color in their world.

Buy now in time for Christmas

For the activist

If you’re an activist, a social entrepreneur or an NGO employee, Anarchists in the Boardroom is going to make you feel just a little bit uncomfortable - in a good way. It challenges organisations to be ‘more like people’ to stay relevant and be more effective - and it was funded on StartSomeGood.

Buy now in time for Christmas

For the fashionista

Bacchara is an incredible ethical, sustainable fashion enterprise in Bangladesh. As well as creating gorgeous threads to suit women of all ages, shapes and sizes, they also provide excellent employment conditions and support the education of Bangladeshi kids.

Buy now in time for Christmas

For the politics buff

It’s no Shades of Grey but the for the engaged Aussie citizens in your life, Pushing Our Luck will get the pulse racing. The book, funded on StartSomeGood, gives important thinkers space to imagine better ways to do things, based on real evidence, for a fairer and more sustainable Australia.

Buy now in time for Christmas

For inspiration

At their worst, greeting cards can be an obligation, a waste of paper or a chore. At their best, they can touch hearts and change lives. This year, why not send little sparks of inspiration flying through your network, with these thoughtful Pollyanna Principles notecards from Creating the Future. A great way to reconnect while supporting innovative programs for changemakers.

Buy now in time for Christmas

Go forth and shop with a clear conscience! We’ll be back next week with an updated line-up of gift suggestions for truly good giving!

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