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The Growing StartSomeGood Team

As StartSomeGood continues to help start even more good, our team is beginning to grow. Not only are we thrilled to announce four awesome new Communications Team members, but we’re also excited to list a few more available positions with our team (see below). Please join us in welcoming Michael, Nora, Natasha, and Ben to the team!

Michael Royston


Hi I’m Mike! My role here at StartSomeGood involves setting up partnerships in the UK and around the world with other fantastic like-minded organizations, as well as helping out with venture support. Having just come back from living a fast-paced life in China, I like to keep myself busy; I’m in the process of starting up my own social enterprise, I volunteer for local community projects and I’m always looking forward to the next big adventure. I’ll soon be cycling down through Spain into Morocco. 

Nora Peters


I am a budding nonprofit professional, passionate about hunger relief and nutrition work, and an advocate for public service and volunteerism. I am joining the Communications team at StartSomeGood because I think that the world of fundraising and community engagement is changing, and that StartSomeGood is an extremely talented group of people at the forefront of this movement. As the PR Intern at StartSomeGood I will be building up our media contacts database, writing press releases and following up campaigns, monitoring our press coverage, and doing a bit of blogging of my own.

Natasha Akib


I’m Natasha and I’m passionate about empowering people and communities to find to tell their stories through media. I’ve worked in social change media across the world including in Bhutan, at one of the country’s first independent newspapers, in New Orleans at the Social Change Film Festival, and also in Australia as Editor of At StartSomeGood I’ll be working as Community Builder to establish connections with all the inspiring changemakers out there in the online and offline world and to talk about how we can help you do good! 

Ben Drexler


Originally from Boulder, Colorado, I cut my teeth in the nonprofit world as a community organizer for Save Darfur Coalition and later as an online campaigns manager for Genocide Intervention Network and United to End Genocide. I have a passion for promoting and nurturing socially conscious efforts through technology and social media. I am also a fire dancer who keeps a weekly video blog of my latest tricks on YouTube. I will be handling many of StartSomeGood’s digital media resources, from Pinterest and Instagram to the organization’s upcoming podcast.

Are you interested in joining these guys as part of our growing team? Take a look at these exciting open positions below and follow the links for more information on each position and how to apply.

Australian Venture Support Intern

We pride ourselves on providing incredible support to the amazing changemakers using StartSomeGood to make their ideas a reality.  Through advice, guidance and relationship building, we enable our ventures to maximize their opportunity to successfully raise funds. With a rapidly-growing number of Australian changemakers using our platform, we’re looking for a new Australian-based teammate to support these individuals and organizations and to help us create even more impact in the country. The position is approximately 8 hours per week for a minimum of four months.

Australian Venture Support Intern Position Description

Design Intern

Help us start some good through great design. We’re looking for a design intern to join our team, offering the opportunity to build your portfolio while simultaneously helping us and our amazing ventures tell compelling visual stories. Projects may include creating infographics, presentations, flyers, and web graphics. The position is unpaid, four months long, and open to anyone, anywhere in the world looking to use their design skills for good. 

Design Intern Position Description

Partnerships Catalyst (North America based)

A critically-important position focused on growing, managing, and inspiring our community of partners globally. The Partnerships Catalyst, based anywhere in North America, will have a mandate to extend our relationships in the social entrepreneurship, non-profit, and related sectors. This will include connecting with exciting social initiatives and exploring how we can help them, expanding our community of network partnerships, linking up our ventures with special offers and resources, and connecting us with relevant events.

Partnerships Catalyst Position Description

Join Our Team: StartSomeGood Community Builder

Are you passionate about community-led change and social entrepreneurship? Do you love sharing a good story in person, on blogs and through social media? Are you excited about the potential of crowdfunding (and you’ve probably chipped in to a couple of friends projects already)? Are you drawn to help others and do you want to make a difference in the world on a huge scale?

If you answered yes to all these questions we might have the perfect opportunity for you.

StartSomeGood was founded to empower changemakers to launch and grow the innovative ventures we need to create new futures for our communities and the world. Our goal is to help create a world where anyone can be a changemaker and communities can determine their own destiny. We were founded by social entrepreneurs for social entrepreneurs and we’re passionate about creating the world’s leading social change crowdfunding website — although we actually prefer the term peerfunding. 

We are looking for a passionate advocate of social entrepreneurship and peerfunding to tell our story and the story of the people making great things happen on our platform, educating social entrepreneurs, non-profits and the media on the world-changing potential of peerfunding for social good.

As a boot-strapped social startup this is a commission and equity-only position, for now. But we are growing rapidly and with your help this will change quickly! We are looking for a risk-taker, someone prepared to take a leap, just as we have, to pursue a dream, a mission and a huge opportunity. We are looking for someone to join our small but brilliant team and come on a journey to grow a world-shaking social enterprise.

We need someone to take charge of engaging with and growing our community, sharing expertise, resources and stories to help more changemakers succeed. We are looking for a public face of StartSomeGood, someone who can represent us within the larger social change and non-profit community to tell the story of StartSomeGood, our ventures and peerfunding.

We want someone who is as excited by the potential of StartSomeGood and as committed to realizing that potential as we are. We want someone able to offer approximately half-time hours, although we won’t be counting; you’ll be judged by your success!

Title: StartSomeGood Community Builder

Job Description:  The StartSomeGood Community Builder is an approximately half-time position for someone with their pulse on the world of social entrepreneurship, social change and peerfunding. You will ensure that StartSomeGood is known by those in our space and that we’re engaged in the conversations that matter to us. We want you to share what we’re learning about peerfunding so that more changemakers succeed. 

Specific duties include:

  • Managing or contributing to our presence on various social channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterest, YouTube and G+;
  • Actively participating in and representing StartSomeGood in conversations and chats online, through Twitter (eg. #SocEntChat), blogs and online groups and forums;
  • Managing and supporting the StartSomeGood Mobilizers network, a global network of people who share our passions and represent us in their home city;
  • Managing our event program and keep the events page on StartSomeGood up-to-date;
  • Pitching stories and ideas to bloggers and media, sharing success stories and insights from StartSomeGood;
  • Writing blog posts and venture resources;
  • Creating partnerships with other social entrepreneurship organizations and networks;
  • Some direct Venture support, hosting “office hours” and chats to answer questions.

You will also be expected and encouraged to participate in all StartSomeGood brainstorming, planning and strategizing. We are very open in our decision-making and collaborative style. You will be considered a full thought-partner and co-owner of the enterprise.

We are a virtual team, with members in Washington DC, California, Texas and Australia. This position however needs to be based in North America, to work in those time-zones. The exact location however is flexible. As a virtual organization we make full use of a number of cloud-based collaboration tools and you will be expected to fully participate and share your information on these platforms.

Who you are:  

  • You’re entrepreneurial and self-motivated;
  • Passionate about social entrepreneurship and community-building;
  • Relentlessly positive and energized by human connection;
  • Experienced with social media;
  • Comfortable being part of a virtual team;
  • Self-driven, efficient with your time and highly communicative;
  • A great writer and storyteller;
  • Preferably you would also have some design skills, capable of whipping-up a quality presentation or banner.

Who we are: 

StartSomeGood a platform for changemakers to raise the funds and grow the community of supporters they need to transform an idea for good into action and impact.  We just celebrated our first birthday and have helped 48 social good initiatives raise over $270,000 so far. Most importantly after a year of refining the platform and story we’re now growing rapidly and looking to continue. We’ve supported non-profits, for-profits, ventures run completely by students and ventures run by Ashoka fellows.  We are partnered with some of the leading social entrepreneurship organizations in the world such as Ashoka, Compass Partners, School for Social Entrepreneurs, The International Youth Foundation and Teach for America. And the best is still to come!  We’ve got a brilliant, passionate team committed to revolutionizing fundraising for social good, and we’re looking for the right person to help us expand our reach and better tell our story.

StartSomeGood was founded by Australian Tom Dawkins and American Alex Budak, who met while working at Ashoka in Washington DC. Tom was previous founder and CEO of award-winning Australia non-profit Vibewire Youth Inc.


We want you to have a stake in the success of StartSomeGood, so we’ll offer you both a share of our revenue as well as equity in our company. 

We are generating revenue already and this amount, and your very generous commission with it, is increasing rapidly. As a key member of the team at this early, bootstrapped stage, you will be rewarded with generous equity.

Ready to apply?  

Great! We’re looking for someone passionate about both social impact of StartSomeGood and the specific work involved in this position, with energy and enthusiasm for connecting with people and great ideas. To apply, please send the following to

  • a cover letter explaining why you’d be perfect for this position
  • your resume
  • a link to a piece of writing online that you’re proud of
  • links to your main public social profiles
  • a one-paragraph answer to the question: “What will it take to create a world where everyone can be a changemaker?”

This position is being recruited on a rolling basis and will be open until filled. If you’re excited about the opportunity please get in touch today!

Meet the Team: Vanessa Rhinesmith, Director of Outreach

Vanessa Rhinesmith is the Director of Outreach and part of the Communications Team at StartSomeGood. Among many other day-to-day responsibilities for StartSomeGood, she reaches out to the social entrepreneurship community to form collaborative partnerships, recruits ventures for potential new social change campaigns, and speaks at various events on behalf of StartSomeGood. Vanessa graduated from Fairfield University with a BS in marketing and went on to earn her MBA from Simmons College. In addition to StartSomeGood, she is also working with TechSoup Global/NetSquared and the University of Illinois UC2B Project. To learn more about Vanessa and her savvy digital communications skills, check out her blog—Left Behind Bottle Caps and follow her on Twitter @vrhinesmith.   

How did you find out about StartSomeGood?

I learned about StartSomeGood through a friend who thought it was the perfect fit - and it was!

What social issues really get you fired up?

I’m really passionate about digital literacy and closing the digital divide.  I’m also big on animal rights and integrating the arts into public education.

What are your favorite social entrepreneurship resources?

My number one go-to resource is Shareable, a great online magazine that “tells the story of sharing”.

In your opinion, what is the greatest album of all time?

I am not sure about all time, but a constant go-to album is always Death Cab for Cutie’s The Photo Album  

When you aren’t busy doing an incredible job as our Director of Outreach, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read, practice yoga, and spend lots of outdoor time with my family.

You could travel anywhere tomorrow.  Where would you go?

Prague - I find Eastern Europe simply enchanting

Do you have any favorite books or authors? Or any books that you’ve read recently and recommend?  

I’m currently reading and would definitely recommend checking out Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and I love The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins-an absolute must-read.


Did you enjoy reading about Vanessa and are eager to learn about more of our team members? Check back next week to meet ME (Nicole Ricchione), aka your one and only Blog Coordinator!

Meet the Team: Aaron Lesser, Book Club Manager

Aaron Lesser is the Book Club Manager and part of the Communications Team at StartSomeGood. He’s doing an awesome job leading the SocEnt Book Club—finding inspirational and mentally stimulating books for all of us to enjoy, setting up chats with the authors so that we can ask questions and learn more about them, and providing us with engaging book reviews on the blog. Aaron is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in International Studies and minoring in Writing and Chinese language. Before joining StartSomeGood, he was studying in Kenya last year with the St. Lawrence program.

How did you find out about StartSomeGood?

After Kenya I found that I wasn’t interested in the same things as I was before I went. On the last day I spent there I was talking with one of the program coordinators, a brilliant Sudanese man named Sinnary. When I half-jokingly asked how he felt about having to deal with American students all the time, I was expecting an answer about how scared we all are of bugs or how we’re spoiled from a lifetime of ease, but instead he said he really likes Americans. He said we have an attitude, often maligned, that we can fix any problem. He said we’re wrong a lot of times, and sometimes we make things worse, but he prefers that attitude to the defeatist one he hears from people from other parts of the world. That conversation stuck with me and I started looking for organizations that are trying to help people make positive changes in the world. I don’t think you’ll find a better example than StartSomeGood. That’s also my favorite part about StartSomeGood.

What social issues really get you fired up?

I’m really interested in food insecurity issues and how they’re related to poverty. I don’t think many people understand the long term implications of eating the types of foods that people living in poverty in urban areas are forced to eat; it’s really scary because no one is really certain what the health consequences of eating nothing but industrialized food are. Humans have never gotten their food exclusively from companies that manufacture food in the way that most items in a grocery store today are made.

What are your favorite social entrepreneurship resources?

Besides StartSomeGood, your own network of friends and family—if you have their support you’ll have the confidence to find all the resources you need to accomplish your goals. Also, most of your fundraising is going to be done within your network, so they’re doubly important!

 In your opinion, what is the greatest album of all time?

I’m going to have to go with the first CD I ever bought, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below by Outkast. It’s been all downhill from there in terms of music for me.

When you aren’t busy being our awesome Book Club Manager, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m an amateur artist specializing the mediums of oil pastels and blue painter’s tape on the walls of my dorm room/apartment. A couple of years ago I made a to-scale map of the world on the ceiling of the common room in my suite using blue tape. After spending several hours standing on chairs making what I thought looked like a really detailed world my roommates told me I had made the whole thing inside out—it’s hard to explain, it was like what the continents would look like if you were standing right in the earth’s core. It made for a very disorienting year in the suite.

You could travel anywhere tomorrow.  Where would you go?

Back to Kenya. I never got a chance to visit a small island called Lamu on the coast where you have to get around by riding on a donkey (there are no automobiles allowed on the island). It sounds amazingly relaxing.

Do you have any favorite books or authors? Or any books that you’ve read recently and recommend?  

Usually the last book I’ve read is my favorite book. Not to toot our own horn, but the last three SocEnt book club books have been spectacular: We First by Simon Mainwaring, The New Relationship Marketing by Mari Smith, and Shift and Reset by Brian Reich. If you’re strapped for time I always enjoy reading anthologies of short stories written by great authors, Hemingway, Pushkin, and Lahiri are the three that come to mind.


Did you enjoy reading about Aaron and are eager to learn about more of our team members? Check back next week to meet one of the newest Communications Team members: Vanessa Rhinesmith!