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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship

In our “This Week in Social Entrepreneurship” series, each Friday we will feature the top stories in Social Entrepreneurship for the week that we find to be noteworthy, novel, and thought-provoking.  What are your favorite stories this week in Social Entrepreneurship?  Let’s start a discussion!

  • Are you starting a social business and on the fence about whether or not it should be for-profit?  This week on the Huffington Post, Patrick Fitzgerald’s insightful and informative article, The Social Entrepreneur’s Dilemma, addresses this important decision.  He tells us to ask ourselves three questions before launching a startup—Is it absolutely imperative that we be a non-profit?  Does my customer care whether we are non or for-profit?  Can it be profitable?
  • Looking for some great SocEnt reads to ring in the new year?  Are you ready to be inspired to take the next big step with your ideas?  Look no further than Echoing Green’s list of books to start the new year.  If you’re part of our SocEnt book club, then you’ve already read at least one—KaBOOM!: How One Man Built a Movement to Save Play by Darrell Hammond.  Take a look at the rest of the list—have you read any?  Can you share a quick review with us?  Are there any must reads for 2012 that were left off the list?
  • If you are in the Los Angeles area on January 12, you should stop by the i2i Social Entrepreneurs Gathering in Torrance, CA.  This event, hosted by Ideation, is a chance to network and share your ideas with other like-minded champions of social change.  The topic that evening will be “Corporate Engagement of Social Good” and the lead of Toyota’s “100 Cars of Good” campaign, Michael Kroll, will be the guest speaker.    
  • When you are a young social entrepreneur just starting off, perfecting your business pitch is key.  After participating in the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit 2011, Alex Andertran came back with some key takeaways as a panel judge for the pitch session portion of the summit.  Evidence—real fact and figures will validate your proposal more than generalizations will.  Always make sure to emphasize your experience and expertise, along with your advisory board’s.  Know your audience—if you can look up who your judges are ahead of time, take advantage of that.  Frame your pitch in a way that they can understand it.  These are just the tip of the iceberg—read more over at Zero Divide’s blog.  Do you have experience pitching?  What techniques listed do you think are the most important?  Were any essential tips not mentioned on the list?   
  • The G(irls)20 Summit selects an 18-20 year old woman delegate from each G20 country and brings them together to brainstorm and design innovative ideas to empower women and girls all over the world.  If you are an 18-20 year old woman interested in participating as a representative for your country, the deadline to apply is January 9th, 2012.
  • If you are a Twitter aficionado, you have to see this Twitter for social change resource.  This is the motherload—45 hashtags for social change.  Use these hashtags to make sure your Tweets are strategic and being seen by the right people.
  • The perfect way to finish off our last This Week in Social Entrepreneurship post of the year is by discussing Dowser’s yearly social entrepreneurship roundup, The Social Entrepreneurship Year in Review.  We’ve seen social entrepreneurship take some amazing strides this year.  2011 brought about a renewed sense of individual empowerment to create social change.  It also saw a worldwide community of social entrepreneurs emphasizing collaboration rather than competition.  Funding has also increased for social entrepreneurs this year thanks to an influx of creative funding methods.  What other social entrepreneurship trends have you noticed taking shape in 2011?     


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