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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship

  • Ashoka U announced that it is adding three new schools to its Changemaker Campus Initiative.  The University of San Diego, Technológico de Monterrey-Guadalajara, and Middlebury College will join 13 other colleges and universities that are also part of the initiative.  Launched in 2008, Ashoka U’s program seeks out leaders in social entrepreneurship education and designates them as Changemaker Campuses.  Read more about the three newest Changemaker Campuses here.
  • The Skoll Foundation just posted a YouTube video of highlights from the 2011 Skoll World Forum, which was held back in March of this year.  The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship is the leading international platform for applying entrepreneurial approaches to solve social issues.  My favorite part of the video is when Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu was awarded the first ever Skoll Global Treasure award.
  • Social Earth came out with a list of 25 Indian Social Enterprises You Should Follow On Twitter.  Ashoka India, Beyond Profit, Give India, and Shop for Change are just a few of the enterprises listed that will keep you connected to the movement in India.  Which of these accounts to you follow?  Did the article miss any that we should know about?
  • Calling all Social Entrepreneurs—do you have your business ideas ready?  Financier, billionaire, and philanthropist, Bill Conway, plans to give away at least $1 billion before he dies.  The best part of this news—he’s asking for your help on ideas of where to give it away.  He is mostly interested in helping the jobless and poor and he wants to avoid simple charitable giveaways.  He’s already given much of his fortune to charities such as the Capital Area Food Bank but now he’s looking for a long-term, lasting solution to the jobless situation.  Time to start sending him your ideas!             
  • B Lab’s Global Impact Investment Rating System (GIIRS) project is officially up and running this week.  This system will be used to rate the social impact of both individual companies and socially responsible investment funds.  Fifteen major social impact investors are pioneering this system, including Prudential, the Skoll Foundation, J.P. Morgan, and RSF Social Finance.  GIIRS gives social enterprises standardized reporting metrics to send to investors.  These investors will have benchmarks they can use to compare their investments to other social enterprises within the same field.  If you want to learn more about GIIRS, GOOD wrote a quick and understandable overview here.
  • Ashoka has compiled 20 key challenges in the world today that need exceptional entrepreneurs to combat them.  Ashoka is now looking for an entrepreneur to lead and drive change within each key challenge.  This project, named 20/20, is looking for groundbreaking change leaders to create large-scale impacts.  Are you up for the challenge?  Check it out and apply today.


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