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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship

Young ICT Revolution on Larry King’s Sofa!

If you are young and active online and working towards UN developmental goals then your project may be eligible for the World Summit Youth Awards. Don´t hesitate and take your chance - apply for the World Summit Youth Award 2012 edition!

World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) winners will have the honor to be the guests of CNN legend Larry King who has confirmed his participation at the WSYA Winners´ Event which will take place in Montréal, Canada in October 2012.

A panel moderated by an Emmy-award winner and the author of 12 books – Larry King will be one of the highlights of the event hosted by World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2012). High level celebrities, experts of various backgrounds, and WSYA 2012 winners will be among his special guests discussing how to use Information and Communication Technologies to change the world and put UN Millennium Development into real action. 

I will try to make it informative and entertaining, I will try to bring the panel to the audience to help them understand in what revolutionary time we are living” said Larry King on behalf of the panel.

The best news is that you can still be a part of the event as the registration for the WSYA 2012 edition will be open until July 16!

For more information, please visit the official website.


This year’s Ashoka Youth Venture Summit will be held July 26th- 29th at George Washington University. Over 100 Youth Venturers will be in attendance. Check out the website to register before July 4th or to donate and help these youth develop into young changemakers.

Earlier this year, BusinessWeek sought your help in finding 25 of 2012’s hottest social start-ups, including entrepreneurs like GreenDot’s production of biodegradable soft plastic to Sseko’s sandal makers—a program teaching Ugandan women how to design and make sandals to fund their educations. Take a look for yourself and vote for who you think is the most promising social entrepreneur before July 12th. The top five most promising social entrepreneurs will then be announced on July 19.

SoJo has announced its official public launch as well as an endorsement from UNESCO! SoJo is a self-guided online resource to help you develop your ideas and achieve social change. Find out what SoJo’s tools can do to help you by visiting their website.

Rachael Casagrande

I am currently working towards a BS in Information Design and Corporate Communication at Bentley University. Before college, I hadn’t any idea where I wanted life to take me so I decided to just let the wind blow me around a bit. The following summer, I shipped myself off to Romania through Learning Enterprises where I volunteered running English camps. The children I met there made me realize how much just one hello, one meal, or one hug can really grow change in someone’s life. After coming back to the US I’ve been keeping myself busy working odd jobs, studying and taking every opportunity I can to mesh my business degree with my love for positive change. 

This Week in Social Entrepreneurship

In our “This Week in Social Entrepreneurship” series, each Friday we will feature the top stories in Social Entrepreneurship for the week that we find to be noteworthy, novel, and thought-provoking.  What are your favorite stories this week in Social Entrepreneurship?  Let’s start a discussion!

  • Have you been looking for a comprehensive guide to all the essential resources and tools to meet your social change needs?  SoJo aims to connect changemakers to the resources and tools they need to become full-fledged social entrepreneurs.  SoJo is still a work-in-progress, but the team is sharing its Beta site with the world so that it can start making a difference for social entrepreneurs as soon as possible. This is your opportunity to get in at the beginning—start looking around SoJo’s site, provide feedback so you can find the resources that really matter once SoJo launches out of Beta, and follow along SoJo’s journey on the blog documenting its progress.  
  • It’s officially the holiday shopping season.  Don’t you want to make sure that you are shopping with impact this holiday season?  Check out this awesome “shopping for good” gift giving guide by Ashoka’s Changemakers.  It includes apps to download that will rate products on how ethically they were made or their health, environmental and social impact, places to buy one-of-a-kind gifts while supporting small and local businesses and even a locally grown food finder for Locavores trying to plan their holiday meals.  Expecting a lot of gifts this year that you don’t need?  Do you want to encourage your loved ones to use your designated gift money to give to charities instead?  Send them over to Shift My Gift and tell them there are people that need the money more than you and the best gift they could give you is the gift of charity.
  • Two weeks ago, we encouraged you to check out the 2011 Social Enterprise Bootcamp.  If you weren’t able to attend, Dowser has provided social entrepreneurs a list of key takeaways from the event.  No business can change everything—pick one and do it well.  Expect and anticipate hurdles and work on how you are going to overcome them.  Starting a business is not easy—make sure you are doing what you love.  Make sure you design keeping your consumer’s needs in mind.  Value your product/service correctly—be sure not to undervalue it.  Don’t forget the importance of basic logistics.  Finally, reflect on what you learn.  Taking the time to soak it all in is essential to retaining this new knowledge.
  • We’re sure you all remember Simon Mainwaring, the amazing author behind We First, who we want to thank again for participating in our monthly SocEnt book club conference call.  Simon has just released a free Social Branding training video that we really suggest you check out.  It’s a great supplement to We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World.  If you haven’t read We First yet, what are you waiting for?  Strategy + Business named it the best marketing book of 2011!  Check out Simon’s book and training video today for expert advice on transforming your social branding strategy.
  • Forbes has a long, storied 94-year history.  For the first time in that 94-year history, it has put together Impact 30—a list of the world’s 30 leading social entrepreneurs.  The list includes Jacqueline Novogratz of Acumen Fund, Daniel Epstein of Unreasonable Institute, the minds behind B Lab and d.light design and Tom Szaky of Terracycle, among many others.  We want to congratulate all the amazing social entrepreneurs on this list for their amazing accomplishments—but we also want to give a very special congratulations to Darell Hammond of KaBoom.  Darell’s book, KaBOOM!: How One Man Built a Movement to Save Play was featured in our SocEnt book club back in September of this year.  Check out Forbes’ list, read more about these amazing individuals and join us in congratulating each and every one of them.  These are the people inspiring us all to make a huge difference in this world and for that, we thank them.


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