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Upcoming presentations

I’m doing a couple of presentations over the coming week, one in the Bay Area (tonight! Sorry for the late notice) and the other accessible everywhere online.

Tuesday May 17

MIT/Stanford Venture Lab presents

Social Enterprise: How technology makes money while doing good

From the event description:

Who has done more good for the world, Bill Gates or Mother Teresa? Every entrepreneur needs to be passionate about the problem they are trying to solve, but what types of approaches are the most adept at solving large world scale problems such as poverty, access to clean water, inexpensive healthcare and education? Of the global bottom of the pyramid market, Asia makes up the biggest chunk with a $3.47 trillion market, followed by Latin America ($509 billion), Eastern Europe ($458 billion) and Africa ($429-billion).

Developing countries in Southeast Asia and Africa are increasingly becoming a “land of opportunity” for entrepreneurs. With fewer limitations and large underserved segments, emerging markets have been in the scopes of opportunity seekers ranging from the bootstrapped entrepreneur to the top fortune 500 companies.

These opportunities are coupled with unique challenges including interesting holes in the technology chain, instances where people might not be able to keep pace with Silicon Valley’s rapid adaption of cutting edge technology, or having technology like cell phones with no reliable means to charge them or where local business are expanding with no means to manage the disconnected supply chains. Join us to learn how upstarts are leveraging technology to generate wealth while also strengthening community and creating opportunities for those at the base of the pyramid.

The event features the following great panelists and presenters:

Jonathan Hefter, Founder of NeverWare

Priya Haji, CEO and co-founder of World of Good

Naren Gupta, Co-Founder, Nexus Venture Partners

Caroline Barlerin, Director of Global Community Involvement for the Hewlett Packard Office of Global Social Innovation

Luke W Filose, Co-Founder and VP Business Development for Fenix International.

I’m the MC.

There’s networking from 6-7 then the panel and Q&A 7-8.30.

Full bio’s and how to purchase tickets here.

May 24th

TechSoup presents

Free Live Interactive Event: Future of Fundraising

From the event description:

Nonprofits were once limited to raising money through cookie sales, charity balls, and foundation grants now have access to almost limitless fundraising streams with new technology platforms, micro-funding models, and evolving culture of giving. The wide variety of choices and tools to integrate make this field exciting and challenging terrain for nonprofit leaders; we will take your questions in this one hour live interactive event.

While there are many new and exciting organizations and platforms emerging we are speaking with three we know at the forefront -, American Cancer Society, and Anyone interested in nonprofits and fundraising online is welcome to participate in this interactive chat, sharing questions and tips from the field.

This free online event (they’re using a really cool new tool apparently, which I’m looking forward to checking out myself) takes place on Tuesday, May 24 at 11 a.m. US Pacific time. Read bio’s of the other presents here and RSVP here.